Emphasis on the RIGHT Words

I love lettering. That activity propelled me to get into finding and doing things that I love to help me be a better person.

What is lettering?

Lettering is a form of drawing each letter instead of writing. It’s called many things. Hand-lettering, modern calligraphy, faux calligraphy, lettering etc.

There are many ways to letter a word, sentence, or quote by hand. Some choose a font on their computer and print it out. Each person has their own style. There are more fonts in the world than we could ever count. And I am not a pro {yet} by any means. I am putting in my 10,000 hours to become one… but that is another story for another time.

I started collecting fonts when I had a little computer with 8 gigs of hard drive space. Not RAM, hard drive space. It was a thing. I took a typography class in college and learned how to write in Uncial (here is a google search on Uncial font images if you’re curious.) Even this LOOOOOOOOONG time later, I can still pick up a calligraphy dip pen and produce the letters learned in this class.

I am also a lover of quotes.

Can I tell you that these two loves {quotes + lettering} are a match made in heaven? It takes all the time I will give it. Find a quote, and write it a million different ways. Mix fonts, change styles, try different backgrounds, frames, add a wreath border or another border. ALL THE THINGS. I tell you, if I could read quotes all day long, then write them down, I would do it. I include quotes when I can in my planner.

If you start doing this – it’s a rabbit hole from the likes of which you will never return. By your choice, of course! I am not going to talk about the types of supplies needed to start lettering – there are so many sources and that is not what this post is emphasizing. See what I did there? I emphasized a word.

What is the point of all this talk of lettering and quotes?


Emphasis is the point.

There are so many times where I have started writing a quote, a very nice quote, and I emphasize the wrong word.

For instance – do any google image search “Quotes on ______” winning, failing, love, joy, hope  – it doesn’t matter, just choose your subject. Do not read the quote, just look at it. See which words stand out or which words are emphasized. 

I found this quote:


You Try, You Fail
You Try, You Fail

—-The Real—

is when you
Stop Trying

If you do not read the quote – and you just glance at it, the quote says:

You Fail
You Fail,
Stop Trying

Now, this quote is very hard to emphasize on the positive because there are so many negative words. If I were to redo this quote – I might emphasize You Try, You Try and Trying. Still not a lot of positivity, but hopefully, you can see my point about emphasis.

Here is something I lettered – and re-lettered because I didn’t pay attention to the emphasis of the words.

No judgment on my lettering – I am still practicing and as you may have seen, practice makes progress, but I love this quote. If you glance at the words, it says: “You, Wake Up, Be Incredible”. I’m more than ok with that shortened summary of this quote.

I initially wrote this quote with the WRONG words emphasized. At first glance, it said: You, Mediocre, Incredible. Wait, what? What did that quote just say to me? It said I’m mediocre and incredible? That is incredibly confusing.

Emphasize the main points – usually positive words.

When you are lettering, or even choosing fonts on your computer for a favorite quote or mantra, pay attention to the emphasized words. Then when you glance at the quote and say it in your mind as part of your affirmations, or positive reinforcement for yourself, you will see more motivation in the quote and there eliminate any subtle or subconscious detrimental phrases undermining the positive change you are seeking.

More positivity, less negativity! Especially in the subconscious.

This is the end of my Public Service Announcement. You. Wake Up. Be Incredible. Have a good week.

You, wake up, be incredible motivational quote


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