How to Draw Mummy Text + 2 bonus ways to use this technique

How to Draw Mummy Text

How to Draw Mummy Text great for bullet journaling & planner headers video tutorial with complete step-by-step walk-through

I created a mummy! No, I am not Dr. Frankenstein creating a monster or an Egyptian of old preparing a Pharoah for the afterlife. Nothing like that. I just created mummy font. An easy way to create a Halloween lettering effect without having to be fancy schmancy. In the video, I give you the how to draw your own mummy text with a step-by-step method of lettering mummified words with hints, tips & tricks.



Here are some tips from the video:

#1 Font Tip:

You will lose detail from your word sketch, do not use a font with a lot of details.

#2 Font Tip:

Start with a thicker-font type (Arial Black is what I used for inspiration for the initial text) – that way you can show more great mummy details!

#3 Mummy Tip

Use different shapes such as triangles going in opposite directions to create variety in the wrapping.

#4 Mummy Tip

Add some rectangles in the mix of the triangles to create variety

#5 Mummy Tip

Start in different corners to give even more variety

#6 Mummy Tip

Extend your ‘wrappings’ beyond the lines of your sketched text to make it look bulky like a bandage

#7 Mummy Tip

When going around corners or curves, think of that time you hurt your knee or elbow and wrapped it with that bulky ace bandage? Think about how it stretched around your knee or elbow and bunched up in the crook of the inner part of your elbow. Do the same thing with the triangles around the curves.

#8 Tying it off

Like toilet paper trailing after an unsuspecting person exiting a public bathroom make it flow like a ribbon. You could also connect two letters together with a single ribbon connector instead of ending each one separately like I did.

Use the mummy text effect for drawing other doodles in your planner

#9 Bonus Techniques for Drawing the Mummy Text

Use this in other ways like wrapping the stems of flowers for a rustic bouquet or making a sweet, swaddled baby for celebrating at Christmas time or when a new baby arrives in your life.

#10 Super-Speedy Version of the video

This super-speedy version is the perfect size to share!

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This would go perfectly in a bullet journal or planner for Halloween – just to change-up the headers for a month or week!

How to Draw Mummy Text great for bullet journaling & planner headers video tutorial with complete step-by-step walk-through

Want to know what I used to create this? I’ll tell you. (Contains affiliate links)

HP 32 LB smooth paper
Sakura Pigma Micron Pens
Papermate Mechanical Pencil

Editing software: Adobe Premiere

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