Medicine Tracker – I Don’t Have to Remember Everything!

It’s So Nice to NOT Have to Remember Everything!

A few weeks ago, my baby was not feeling well. I took the poor little guy to the doctor and came home with 3 separate medicines 3 times per day for two weeks. I knew that I would have to wrack my brain to remember when I had given him the last dosage. Then try to remember if I gave him all nine dosages of medicine the day before. I just knew I was going to forget dosages. Then knowing when to stop was the other issue. So what did I do? Created a quick medicine tracker spread in my Bullet Journal of course!

medicine tracking spread, use your bullet journal to remember for you

The Medicine Tracker

Each column has the dosages per day and the rows were the dates. Each day I would mark off the medicine without too much effort to remember what I did or did not do. Except for maybe one day, I successfully administered all the dosages and thankfully, the little guy is feeling better.

Before I started planning with a bullet journal – I would have just tried to remember. Thankfully, now I don’t have to remember everything. I write it down, then out of habit, I check my planner and do the things I am supposed to. What a relief. Medicine tracker to the rescue!

medicine tracking spread, use your bullet journal to remember for you

I’d Love to Know: What uncommon trackers do you use in your planner or bullet journal?

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2 thoughts on “Medicine Tracker – I Don’t Have to Remember Everything!”

  1. I’m awful at trackers. I love them, and start them, but I never complete them. I have a weight tracker, a debt tracker, and of course my weekly habit trackers, none of which are filled out. At lease I start the weekly one out strong, but I don’t have enough of a habit of actually checking my book. There are days when I don’t even open my journal, which kind of defeats the purpose of the whole darn thing!

  2. When I started bullet journaling it was me vs. trackers and I usually won (meaning I successfully ignored them). So I had to slowly build up to them and now they are a huge part of my bullet journal.

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