A Deliciously Simple Layout

A Deliciously Simple Layout – Minimal Spread

The week of Thanksgiving. We are deep in fall and this week can sometimes be rather hectic depending on what your holiday plans are. If you are traveling long distances or you are hosting this festive holiday, a big, elaborate weekly plan is probably not going to happen.  What you need is a minimal spread. Then add to it only the essentials. A weekly tracker, shopping list, sleeping arrangements, travel itinerary. Weeks like this need some versatility, and minimal designs add a lot of versatility.

Weekly Plans

For me, this week is low-key. I will work Monday, Tuesday, and part of Wednesday (maybe) but then off on Thursday until the next Monday. My kiddos are off school for the week. My husband is working from home the first part of the week (maybe – he might just take the week off). I created a deliciously simple layout and then I doodled my anticipated Thanksgiving menu down the center of the page. What a fun way to dress up this minimal weekly spread.

I really wanted a minimal weekly plan without a schedule so we could enjoy some time off as a family. I have no set plans other than Thursday, so I think we will play everything by ear. On Thursday, Thanksgiving, we will celebrate with some friends – who by the way is a trained chef. So excited to see what she cooks up for us. I am bringing muffin cup stuffing. So delicious! And some desserts because #yum.


A Deliciously Simple Weekly Bullet Journal Spread Vertical Open Squared Weekly Bullet Journal Planner Layout with large center margins

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I’ve loved the other week’s layouts for November. The minimalistic style has been great for some much-needed time to ponder and plan without being overwhelmed with the ‘to dos’. That has been so good because this month has been a pretty hectic one emotionally, which turns into pretty taxing on my physical well-being. It’s just one of those months that I have to ‘muscle through’.

Here are links to this month’s layouts:

Next Month’s Plans

I think that I may include more painting and whimsy next month for my planner spreads. Whimsical seems like a great word to describe the month of December. But one thing I have learned from this month’s minimalistic style is that it creates a creativity all on its own. It is very interesting how that works out.

Below are the measurements for this weekly spread. I did not include a timeline, but one could be easily added – they are 12×12 boxes just like the other weeks in November. I left the boxes open to the side just to change-up the design. Sign up below for a free printable of this layout.

A Deliciously Simple Weekly Bullet Journal Spread Vertical Open Squared Weekly Bullet Journal Planner Layout with large center margins

Thanksgiving Menu Planning (or drooling over the plans)

What is your menu for Thanksgiving? This is what I plan (hope) to eat on Thanksgiving. Just a bit of each, not a heaping plateful. I realized after I finished doodling and started to paint that I included two sets of pea dishes. Or I just forgot what the one on the left was under the gravy. I turned it into a salad. Maybe it was cranberries. I don’t really like cranberries, so that’s why I forgot about them.


Thanksgiving Dinner Planned out in my Deliciously Simple Weekly Bullet Journal Spread Vertical Open Squared Weekly Bullet Journal Planner Layout with large center margins


Remember to plan your life so you live beautifully.


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  1. I LOVE this spread! Everything looks so delicious, and putting it all together like this is a perfect celebration of Thanksgiving. Have you given any thought to making a calendar for purchase? I would totally buy one!

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