Weekly Time Blocking Set-Up {With Video & Printable Template}

Happy Saturday!

Has anyone else felt like this week zipped on by? My boss gave me the day off on Monday since the kiddos were out of school. Having one day off during the week (especially skipping a Monday) makes for a short week! Before I knew it, the weekend was already here!

This week I decided to create a time-blocking layout to schedule my blogging and creative time.

The Problem:

I find that I am regularly distracted by social media and other time-consuming activities and do not seem to get done all the things that I want to. There are some days that I feel like a ping-pong ball bouncing back and forth and not accomplishing anything. I want to experiment to see if I have a specific schedule for when I do those things if I will be more productive in other aspects.

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The Solution

Scheduling out the tasks that take big chunks of time is what I really wanted to be my focus. Everything else can filter between those big chunks of scheduled time.  This YouTube video gives a great representation of what I was trying to accomplish. From Stephen R. Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly effective people – the key is to schedule your priorities. If you’ve never read the book – it is a great one to kickstart your productivity. It’s definitely worth a read {or a listen if you have audible.}

Give your time to the most important things first – the biggest tasks and most important ones go first. Then fill between with the next important, then fill in the time cracks with other things. Then add in just a bit of fun stuff. If you start with the fun stuff, it doesn’t leave room for the most important or bigger tasks. So this week is the start to getting that figured out.

Time-Blocking Bullet Weekly Journal Layout

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Free weekly vertical time-blocking printable for your bullet journal {click for video set up & printable}

Inspired by:

This really was inspired by the #planwithmechallenge Instagram prompt “I Need Help With”. I made a list of things I needed to work on. Creating this weekly spread is really the start of accomplishing those goals and I am very excited to embark on this journey of feeling better about what I accomplish because the goal is to plan my life so I can live beautifully. Read the post here.

Chocolate Musings on YouTube!YouTube Planning Video

I created a video of my set up for time-blocking and the process behind it with an overview of the month’s layouts so far. Watch the video below or on my YouTube Channel here. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for future videos.  If you are interested in only the planner set up skip to 9:00.

Also if you’re interested: here are the blog posts for October’s Monthly set up, and for the first week of the month- the Apple Orchard.

Time-Blocking Layout Measurements

I use a Leuchtturm1917 A5 (currently in Yellow) dot-grid notebook 26 blocks across x 38 blocks down. Pin the image below for future reference!

  • Measure 3 blocks down to start your header
  • 4 down for all-day
  • 1 block in from the left to start
  • 8 blocks (minus 1 for the tracking column) – see below for reference and watch the video for ways to use this block
  • block off weekdays
  • Sat/Sun combined, sections for meals, to-dos and next week or other categories (9 blocks wide)
  • I started with 7:30 and numbered in 30-minute increments to 11 pm to the last row of dots on the page

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Remember to plan your life so you live beautifully.

Have a wonderful week!

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Vertical Time-Blocking Bullet Weekly Journal Layout with measurements A5 notebook dot grid size,

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