Tips for Erasing Pencil Marks – Without Eraser Fluff

If you are like me, your paintings/drawings/doodles start out in pencil and progress to other non-erasable mediums. It’s necessary for my life. Because, you know, #imperfect and that is totally ok.

But if you are also like me, you hate eraser fluff. You know, the stuff left by erasers after erasing. It gets all over everything and is generally annoying. Then I remembered a little secret I had known in my high school art days. I had completely forgotten about these magical erasing devices. Mold them, shape them, and erase with them. They leave no eraser fluff. What else is really nice is that they can mold into different shapes for erasing – need a corner to erase a fine detail in a tight space? You always have one with this eraser. When I worked in a printing center a long time ago, I used to use these erasers to remove stray marks that the machines would sometimes leave on projects….Not the intended use, but worked. Like I said, magic.

Kneaded Rubber Erasers. Genius.

Kneadable Eraser leaves no eraser fluff

I remember using this pack of erasers too –  all of them have their own purpose. These are some of the best erasers I have ever used. (Good Job Prismacolor!) The gum eraser leaves the most fluff, but it does an excellent job at erasing. The white eraser is a great eraser as well and leaves less fluff. Glad I’ve rediscovered these products.

Do you have any other tips for erasing pencil marks? I have heard of erasers that do a good job of erasing pen/markers. Have you used any of these? Would you recommend them? Comment below and let me know of any tricks you’ve found.



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