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2018 February Challenge - "Conversational Food Puns"

February 2018 Challenge – “Conversational Bad Food Puns”

February 2018 Challenge – “Conversational Bad Food Puns” If anyone has talked to me at length, I am a huge fan of puns. I think I am very punny, in fact. My husband usually rolls his eyes. I think he’s just jealous that he doesn’t come up with these golden nuggets of hilarity on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong, he has his moments. But overall, I believe I have a much higher quantity and quality puns. If I have never shared my pun jokes with you, perhaps we are not as good of friends as you think we […]

Things to work on... Free Printable Exercise deciding what you need help with and what you are going to do about it.

What I Need Help With – and What I am Going to Do

Things I need to work on or What I need help with… There’s a question that sometimes is glazed over just like a tasty doughnut. I know I have done it and not just once. No, not glazed a doughnut, but ignoring things that I really want to work on or admit what I need help with. However, one day this last week, I was reading over the #planwithmechallenge prompts for October and this question jumped out. Since I have started bullet journaling I have seen so many improvements in my life. So I decided to take this question on. […]