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A Confession of Unfinished Projects

How unfinished projects seem to take over my life, and how I broke out of a rut and coaxed creativity to come out of hiding. I get all wrapped up in so many big and small projects. Then thinking that the best way to get the things done, I constrain my creativity and it all backfires, and a week later I’m waking up from a veritable coma of uninspired late nights where I accomplished nothing except me feeling sorry for myself and the amazement of how much time has passed. A Confession of Unfinished Projects I confess: I’ve fallen into […]

Best of the worst of my bullet journal fails and what you should do if you fail

January Week #4: My Bullet Journal Fails (so far) & What You Should Do if You Fail

I see lots of comments on Facebook all the time in various groups “I hate the spread I created, I want to throw this notebook away or just start a new one” or “I’m going to rip this page out” or just simple questions “what do you do if you hate your spread in your bullet journal?” Here is my experience dealing with bullet journal fails. Inspired by January’s Ugly Spread If you’re coming over here from Instagram – you probably saw the quote lettering video snippet (if you aren’t coming here from Instagram – here’s a link to that […]