Superficial Excuses

I am sure we have all heard a superficial excuse and known that it is not the real reason behind the excuse. I am also sure that we have all given our own fair share of superficial excuses for one reason or another “it’s been a long week”, “it’s too far” and many others that give a surface reason for not fulfilling an obligation or participating in an event. Having a kid can supply a vast array of shallow justifications: “Oh, they aren’t feeling well”, “we have had a hard day” etc.

When on the receiving end of these hurried reasons, it is easy to shake your head in disbelief or tune out the person who is obviously not telling you the truth.

In this case, take a step back. Ask yourself if there could be something more:

  1. Is it simple enough that they are they pressed for time and cannot give you a proper explanation?
  2. Were they approached in a public or in front of a group and or didn’t want explain to the whole group?
  3. The biggest question of all: do they trust you with the truth?

Just some questions to ponder and not becoming dismayed with their actions.

So… if someone gives you a superficial excuse, you probably don’t know the whole story. The question is not what they are hiding. The question is: do they trust you enough to tell you?

superficial excuses - do they trust you enough to tell you the truth?

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