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Sunshine Blogger Award

What is the Sunshine Blogger Award?

I found that it is an award passed from one blogger to another showing their appreciation to the other bloggers in the community for those who have made their day a bit brighter by the light they spread. The world can feel like a lonely place and it’s nice to know that there are others out there struggling with the same things in life.

This was a very hard post for me to write, I have a hard time giving praise to myself. There is a series of questions I needed to answer about myself. Rather than just a short one-word answer, I like to give a reason why behind things. I learn so much better when I put the why behind any action. So sorry for the long, rambling post. I guess you get to see a little more me this time around.

Is this thing on? {Mic Tap}

When you first start out doing something – like blogging – you wonder if there is anyone out there listening. {Taps the mic – is this thing on?} I started a blog and stopped, then did it again a few years ago. But this time…it feels different. I am not writing for me anymore, I am writing for other people. Helping others find their creativity in whatever medium they choose. My motivation for writing is to inspire other people to seek their own motivation and plan their lives so they live beautifully.

I have trouble sleeping at night, not because of worries or nightmares or other things, I have trouble going to sleep because I am so excited to get up the next day and create things. To find awesome quotes, expand my talents and share them with others with the hope that someone else’s life may blossom into the field of brightly-colored blooms that they have been dreaming of their whole lives. This is my very favorite part about blogging. I can’t tell you how incredible it is to feel this excitement. I have never felt this before in my life, and I think it is because I am doing this to share with others.

Thanks to…

I’d like to thank Claire from I Bit The Piranha (What a fun name!) for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger award. It’s nice to know that my mic is turned on. But what’s more, I visit her site often and read about her adventures and struggles, and it’s truly heartwarming. I love how real she is and I appreciate it. Reading the inner-most thoughts of others makes me search my soul and I think makes me a better person.

I had a lot of expectations when I started blogging. What I did not expect when starting this blog is to make friends with the variety of people all over the world. Watching people on their journey to a better life is truly incredible.


Sunshine Blogger Award Questions & Doodles in my Bullet Journal such a fun honor!


What makes me happy?

To be honest, I have recently discovered true happiness. There were lots of reasons why I was happy before – I love my family, I have a great husband and a work-family who cares for me. My belly is full and I feel incredibly blessed in so many other ways. So the fact that I found myself unhappy more than I cared to admit made me feel ungrateful for my abundance of blessings. It wasn’t until I started drawing and painting again that I found happiness – and I found it through bullet journaling. There was just something about my creativity needing to be set free. When I set it free, it released not just happiness, but joy. Since I have found that joy, it is easier for me to experience happiness in other aspects of my life.

Where is the coolest place I have traveled to?

Besides the depths of my imagination – I haven’t been many places. In fact, I have been outside the United States just one time on a cruise to the Bahamas for my 10th wedding anniversary. I have been to 35 of 50 states. One of the most incredible trips I took was when my father was going into surgery shortly after my first son was born. My husband and I jumped in the car with the not-even-3-month-old and drove 2100 miles in 2 days to get there before my dad had surgery. We didn’t have a whole lot of fun driving that far in the short time, but there were so many things on that journey that impacted me on a deeper level. I do vow to travel to Brazil and Germany. I’d love to see the UK someday and Italy.

Money, Money, Money

The biggest frustration in my life right now to be completely honest is money. Have you seen The Incredibles? Just after Mr. Incredible gets in trouble at work and the head cover-up guy shakes his head and says “money, money, money” that’s how I feel sometimes.

Small steps, I tell myself. I just want to pay off student loans and other debt incurred when my husband lost his job last year. We couldn’t seem to get ahead on things. One small step ahead – then one giant push backward. I am working on some money management posts and trackers plus I have been using You Need a Budget Software I am such a visual person, seeing all the things happening with my money was refreshing. I slowly, but surely, we are working through this frustration.

Do I have any pets?

Currently, just one cat named Baghera – like the Panther in the Jungle Book (yes, I know it’s spelled wrong, but I like the way we spelled it). She is a soft, velvety, old cat with arthritis and has always been quirky. We’ve had her just about 15 years, we adopted her a month into our marriage.  She’s rarely mean and mostly just fat and sleepy now.

I’ve had many cats through my life. I’ve never had a dog though. We lost a cat who was like a dog. His name was Charlie and he was my kid’s best friend. He would guard them away from danger, he would put himself between real dogs and my kids and follow them to make sure they were ok. Charlie would also come when he was called, like a doggo. This cat loved my kids from the day they were born to the day he died. He was the best cat-dog I ever had.


Baghera & Charlie - Good Cats

What is my favorite thing to cook?

I could have put this in the ‘most frustrating’ category because I have some picky eaters in my family so when I have to make multiple meals or variations of meals. Lately, I have been on a cooking ban (self-imposed) because I was so tired of the complaints and general.  So my favorite thing to cook is one that everyone loves to eat without complaining. Is it too much to ask?? I think not. Working on some meal planning spreads is also on the horizon. I hate sometimes that there are only 24 hours in a day. So many fun ideas!

Here are some recipes ALL of my family enjoys:

  • Pork Tenderloin
  • Roasted green beans
  • Chipotle chicken salad
  • mayo chicken – sounds weird, but it’s not, and completely delicious
  • Steak
  • Fajitas

My favorite all-time thing to cook is: Fend for yourself night. Yep. I give myself the night off and you eat what you find. Of course, I have food in the fridge and pantry, but sometimes I declare this dinner and I think I should have a national holiday named after me. Taco Tuesday? Nah, replaced by Fend-for-yourself-Friday as the most popular meal-theme of the week.

I’ve read every single one of these books and chosen recipes I want to try. See all the yellow sticky notes. That accounts for hours of reading ingredients, recipe steps and of course drooling over all the scrumptious pictures.

Recipe book collection

A weird/interesting fact about me that most people don’t know?

That’s a hard one. Up until recently, I assumed that I was the most boring person in the world with nothing to offer anyone. Seriously, it wasn’t until I rediscovered my creative side that I thought I had any worth. Maybe that is the interesting fact about me. I collect quotes. I collect fonts. It’s like a match made in heaven.

5 things on my bucket list:

I’ve never been one to create a bucket list. Perhaps I should – so here goes.

  1. Have a maid clean my house – weird but I just want it so bad!
  2. Go to Europe
  3. Be Debt Free
  4. Buy an awesome camera
  5. Scrapbooking catch up – you know even to this year.

That’s a random list.

How do I handle stress?

Well… it depends on the stress. If it’s child induced, I don’t handle it well at all. But if it is something that I need to take care of and someone else is stressed out – I go into super amazing calm-mode. There was one time that my daughter cut the inside of her cheek severely when she fell off a tall stool. I went into a calm & collected mode and moved my husband out of the way as he started to go into shock. I assessed the situation and took action. If I had the mind to do it, I could probably go into nursing.  But day-to-day stress is a completely different thing to me. I have to step back and decide what is important to work on and tackle one thing at a time.


What inspired me to start a blog?

There are lots of things that inspired me to start a blog. The starts and stops of the past were an inspiration, but wanting to share what made such a positive impact on my life was a huge motivator. Feeling bad about myself was something I hated, and I knew there were people out there that felt the same way. Giving hope to others to show them that the world was not all bad. I discovered this and wanted to help others.

Who do I nominate?

  1. Ani –
  2. Jennifer –
  3. Kristin –
  4. Stephanie –
  5. Sharon –
  6. Laura –
  7. Patti –
  8. Christina –
  9. Elizabeth –


8 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award”

  1. I am honored that you not only thought of me with this post, but you nominated me as well! Thank you, really. And I can honestly say that you have been an inspiration for me. We briefly spoke about this before, but I started bullet journaling from Boho Berry, but I got really inspired with my bullet journal from you! You create such beautiful things, and although I am not nearly as artistically inclined, I am inspired by the beauty you create. I look forward to every post, and I’ve honestly never been as excited about any other blog as I am about your blog. So thank you for wanting to inspire others, and know that you continue to inspire me every day!
    Ani Kay recently posted…When I Find Myself in Times of Trouble – Finding Joy and Happiness When Arguing With Your SpouseMy Profile

    1. Those are such kind words for you to say! Really beautiful. Something I truly never expected from this venture was to gain such good friends. This journey has taken me in a very short time of feeling like I don’t have anything to give to the complete opposite and wanting to share it with everyone.

  2. Tricia, thank you so much for your kind words, and I am so impressed with how in depth you went with this post! I can now understand why it took you so long to complete it! I feel as though I know you so much better than before 🙂

    I (kind of) know what you mean about the whole cooking different meals for everyone. My boyfriend and brother are both rather fussy, but my brother is vegetarian and Phil is a meat-eater who doesn’t like many vegetables at all! And then you have my mum and me who are vegan so it can be quite stressful in the kitchen! I remember one occasion I was juggling a lentil lasagne and a gammon and egg pie, and one of my mum’s friends came over for tea and I was close to tears due to the stress of it all. Fend-for-yourself-Fridays therefore sound amazing! Can every day be Fend-for-yourself day?

    Also, apologies for only just getting around to commenting. I’ve needed to step away for a little bit and have a proper breather and look at what I want and need to focus on. I’ve been overwhelming myself as usual!

    In terms of being accountability partners, I reckon we both write three to five things that we want to be held accountable for in our bullet journals and let one another know, and then we can get the ball rolling. What do you think?

    1. Hi Claire,

      First off, if you can get away with fend for yourself days, and cooking stresses you…i say do it! Secondly, no need to apologize you do what you need to do for you. And lastly, I will certainly write some ideas down. Don’t be overwhelmed, I am thinking after the holidays.

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