Pirate Map Weekly Layout – ‘X’ Marks the Weekend!

We celebrate a random holiday. We started celebrating it before we found out that Krispy Kremes celebrates it too – with free doughnuts. Now we just celebrate more. Pirate costumes and swarthy accents are a staple at our house. I have to admit, the kids have now outgrown their pirate costumes, so we need to get our act together and get new costumes, because…

International Talk Like a Pirate Day
is September 19!

I had to make my week pirate themed in my bullet journal in honor of such a great day. Bring on the silly puns, the tri-corn hats, and my attempts at a pirate accent. {My husband’s fake accent is pretty good, honestly, it’s mine that is lacking.}

If Krispy Kreme is still into the pirate life, they give away a doughnut for an accent. If you dress like a pirate, you get a free dozen of their original glazed. Hoist the anchor, unfurl the sails, load up the Jolly Roger and head to Krispy Kreme for a swashbucklingly good time.


I found out that Krispy Kremes is not into the pirating lifestyle this year. It does not matter to me. We will still celebrate by speaking like a pirate all day long.

It’s becoming ever more popular, so expect a line sometimes going out the door. Worth it? Yes, but only if you like talking like a pirate. Which we do.

In my weekly log layout, Tuesday the 19th is not where X marks the spot – of course, X marks the spot on THE WEEKEND.

I used Prismacolor colored pencils – they are so soft and blend so well and are truly lovely pencils. My husband got them for me YEARS (really – years) ago and I put them away during the dark ages. The ‘dark ages’ is the time that I call my life when I was not doing anything really creative. I’ve found the light now.

Thought you might like some close-ups of the drawing. Shading really gives depth to the images. The skull face on the hat, I am pretty sure is alien. That mouth! I’ll practice more on skulls for next time. I love the feather plume in the hat and the treasure-hunt feel for the week. Yep, I am treasure hunting for the weekend.

I track my meal plans each week, so those are on a barrel. The Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen writes great over the colored pencil. I wrote the dates and drew the dotted line to find the treasure. I left it open to dry a little, but it has not smeared at all.

The parchment background is an uneven line with random tears drawn into it. then colored darker around the outside. The darker you color, the more lines drawn, the older and more fragile the parchment looks. Next time I am going to add some curl to the edges of the tears.

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I told you my pirate accent needed help.

Want to know what supplies I used? I’ll tell you.


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