Planning for November Starts…Yesterday – November Title Page

Hello November Welcome Page

An understated title page heading into a very busy period of time.

My best tip for the season is to simplify. Simplify your planning, simplify your tasks each day so to enjoy the season.

Simplify everything you can. Remove the fluff, remove all the extras because there are a lot of things to do, see, bake, care for etc that will complicate your life. Simplify everything else so when these extra things creep up into your life, you are not completely overwhelmed. Unlike October or September, I wanted a calming and simplified November’s title page.

Serenity, Peace & Confidence

The last couple months of the year also bring a time of reflection. I associate reflection with the word serenity, peace, and confidence. Serenity and peace to my soul closing out the year and confidence going into the next year. It’s a very exciting time to plan and decide what is important for the coming year. Looking at this page, I feel like the minimal design says all those things to me.

November Title Page | Simple black and white Hello November with elegant handlettering text and aspens

I do not plan on writing on this page but instead just keeping it the way it is. No more details.

I am putting together the monthly set-up for November but wanted to give you a sneak peak.

What do you do to deal with the hectic of the holiday season? Let me know in the comments below.

Plan your life so you live beautifully.

All my best, Tricia


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What I used for this spread: (contains affiliate links)

For this post – yep, that’s it. Black and white ink drawings sometimes take the most imagination.

6 thoughts on “Planning for November Starts…Yesterday – November Title Page”

  1. I love this lettering! And I agree the minimalism has a calming effect. How did you learn to letter like this? I’ve seen you talk about practicing, do you have any tips for a beginner? I am not sure how I’m going to keep calm this season, I’m trying to get some Fall activities done before it’s over! We went pumpkin picking, and I’ve eaten my weight in pumpkin treats, now it’s time to start planning for Thanksgiving. Oh, and I’m determined to use my fireplace this year. We’ve been renting an apartment with a fireplace for two years, and I haven’t had a fire yet! Yikes, looks like I need to start planning now!
    Ani Kay recently posted…Exercise Nutrition Results – Weekly Check In {3}My Profile

    1. Hi Ani! I have something in store for you! I wrote a blog post in response to your question – it’s coming out next week. I started by learning the shapes – studying the downstroke areas – which are the thick parts of the letters. At the beginning, I would trace different letters then thicken the lines. Then eventually I jumped down the rabbit hole and bought some brush pens which allows me to push harder on the downstrokes and lighter on the upstrokes.
      We’ve lived in our house for 12 years and never used the fireplace. I would love to see some fireplace pics from you when you use it!
      Tricia recently posted…The Beautiful Why of PlanningMy Profile

  2. You are so right! Fall can get so hectic with the holidays fast approaching that it is easy to miss out on the beauty of the season; the to-do list can be overwhelming. Simplifying is definitely good advice. ps Love your drawing and lettering — so pretty and calming.

    1. Hi Sharon! Thank you very much. I also find that the to-do lists get longer and longer during the holidays. If I put them in categories it is less overwhelming. When I drew this, I imagined walking in solitude through the forest.

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