November Mid-Month Habit and Mood Tracker Check

November Mid-Month Habit Check + Mood Tracker Update

When I sat down to start writing this post, I realized this is the monthly insight into my life. There are so many emotions tied to habits, so many excuses, so many passions. I can’t write about my habit tracker {and now added mood tracker} without being a little more personal. Of all the things I have in my bullet journal, my habits and my moods show the most insight into my life on a day-to-day basis.

So here is a monthly update on my Habit and Mood Trackers.

Half Circle Habit Tracker in my bullet journal - mid month checkup

November 2017 – Mid-Month Summary

Whew! This month has been – well – different. There were some major things happening at work that made the rest of my life feel like it was spinning out of control. I couldn’t separate my personal life from my work life. It’s not that I didn’t want to or didn’t try. I could not separate them. My friend from work (who got me my job) moved to another company. My employer was very unhappy with this. Alright – I could have gotten around this and helped everyone make peace with it if needed. But we were in the middle of a loan for my friend. There were confusion and so many emotions swirling and information that none of us knew what was true (I am a home loan processor by day, by night I blog, but I am superwoman all day).

I tried to remove myself from the situation, I even banned both parties from speaking further about each other and would not participate if I didn’t agree with a conversation. But being in the middle of the loan where I had to know details so I could do my job made things even more complicated. Every conversation, innocent in intent, kept stirring up more and more. And I couldn’t get away. It was as though dark swirling clouds circled my head.

How All This Affected Me

The stress was taking a toll on my body. The muscles in my back were tight, I had to remember to unclench my jaw regularly and my stomach was so upset for about a week. That coupled with my husband having a cold for two weeks straight and the coughing that kept me up just as I would drift off to sleep wreaked havoc on everything I tried to do this month to improve myself. Thank goodness I tried to get ahead the beginning of the month because, by the middle of the month, I was struggling in more than one way.

In Control or Out of Control

There were many things out of my control – but I used those things to negatively affect my goals and daily life outside of work, which made my life feel even more chaotic. So for the rest of this month, I am going to make an effort to go to bed earlier, wake up earlier and check off my goals before the rest of my family wakes up. When things are out of control in your life, taking command of the things that you can control makes all the difference in having a bad day vs. a good day and a bad month vs. a good month.

New This Month

I created a mood tracker this month – my first. I saw what other people were doing, and knew that I couldn’t group my days into one mood. Both designs are very functional – I am not the biggest fan of the overall look as it is very utilitarian, but like most utilitarian designs, it gets the job done. The more yellow, green, or purple, the better in this case. This month there are a lot more ‘frustrated’ and ‘anxious’ times than I expected.

I classify the moods/sleep by these categories:


  • Sad
  • Content
  • Happy
  • Productive
  • Frustrated
  • Angry
  • Excited
  • Blah
  • Anxious

For Sleep:

  • Refreshing
  • Good
  • Restless
  • Bad Night

Half Circle Mood Tracker with sections of the day in my bullet journal - mid month check-up

Design Assessment vs. Functionality

I would like to make a ‘pretty’ mood tracker that is aesthetically pleasing (like the mandalas or feathers or the endless myriad of designs I’ve seen) and still include the times of day to help me see where the problem lies. If I like it by the end of the month, I will figure out a way to make it pretty and functional. The times of day are broken into chunks (you can see it if you scroll down on the graphic):

  • Before – before work, getting kids ready for school (on weekends, I consider this to just be morning vs afternoon)
  • Work – which I blocked off during the weekends
  • After – afternoons when I get off work and the kids are home from school
  • Dinner – often a time of angst because of picky eaters (see the Sunshine Blogger Award for a peek why)
  • After – after dinner as the kids are going to bed and the time that my husband and I have together afterward
  • Sleep – track how well I slept

For the most part, I feel like this has provided great information into my days, so I think I will keep it! I will be thinking of different ideas to make it prettier for the future. I thought of using this general layout and turning it into angel wings, I would like to do flowers or I saw a hot air balloon idea that may work but  I will keep the segmented times of the day.

My habits – well they suffered this month as well. I finally read The Miracle Morning (contains affiliate links) and loved it. It is very motivational I started getting up early and enjoying morning yoga and reading. I would get so much done in that short hour, and many of my habits would be checked off in the morning. I discovered that if I am going to do this, I need to go to bed earlier.

If you are curious – these are the habits I track

  • Study – usually scriptures
  • Kid Time – time where I put my phone down and play with my kids, we go to a park, play outside, watch a movie together
  • Exercise – I count yoga in the morning as exercise, a walk, etc
  • Journal – Writing in my journal, even if it is a one-liner or one word in my gratitude log
  • Kind words – speaking kindly to everyone around me and not losing my temper
  • Words – it’s my swear jar in reverse – I fill in a square if I don’t swear all day. Last month I had just 5 days where one of those pesky words slipped out but I’ve already passed up that quantity this month.
  • Healthy Choice – consciously choosing to eat healthily vs. not. Taking a side of veggies instead of seconds of pasta etc – this one will be more developed in the future, but I included it so I could become aware of it before fully developing what I wanted to do.
  • Dishes – do the *&%$ dishes
  • Straighten – choose a room and straighten it
  • Clean a room – vacuum, dust, wipe down, clean it.
  • No Spend – frivolous spending, eating out, extra spending (I don’t count grocery shopping or getting gas)
  • IG – Instagram – keeping up with my challenge!
  • Show Me Your Letters – Hosted by the Happy Ever After Crafter – a great place to start if you want to start modern calligraphy (I will be doing a post later with my favorite lettering resources)
  • Prayers – I will probably separate this into AM & PM later
  • Laundry – ugh this task and dishes are never-ending. Only checked off if I have completed one full load – not just put it in the washer or taken out of the dryer but put away. 

I put habits on my tracker to assess how I am doing before making loads (haha I’m punny) of changes.

Other things I’ve done this month

I read a new book this month on habits. Read is a relative term, I listened to it. But hey! According to “things I am going to do” I wanted to read/listen to more books. I have consumed two books already this month – Better Than Before & The Miracle Morning. Thank you library. I will do a book review of these books later – spoiler: I liked both.

Habits and Moods mirror each other & provide daily insight, half-circled mirrored bullet journal layout, Habit and Mood Tracker

Remember to plan your life so you live beautifully.


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2 thoughts on “November Mid-Month Habit and Mood Tracker Check”

  1. I love this mood tracker, and honestly I think I might steal the idea. I never liked the idea of a mood tracker because my mood changes so frequently, and what I feel at work is very different than what I feel at home. Sometimes for better sometimes for worse.

    I’m with you though, the stress can sometimes derail my progress. And before I know it, it’s been two weeks since I did what I set my mind to. The bujo helps.

    Miracle morning is on my list! Was it worth the time? I’m looking forward to your review.

    1. We had a conversation about this and I completely agreed! I have thought and thought about how to make it functional since we talked. This is the utilitarian solution – and I think it really works! Now to make it beautiful. I’ve thought about fireflies in a jar for summertime, petals on a flower, circular trackers. What do you think? Maybe I will make a printable.

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