New York City Skyline Weekly Layout

I found a new love. Skylines.

I sometimes play a game called “Cities: Skylines” but that is another story. For an Instagram challenge this month, I’ve done a couple skyline outlines and, well, it carried over to my weekly theme.

My weeklies start on Monday. As I was planning the weeks, I noticed that 9/11 was on a Monday this year. The date stuck out to me. September 11 is very emotional to me. I truly consider it “the day the world stopped turning”. I remember watching in horror when the second plane hit the building after the first was billowing plumes of smoke from the earlier crash. The memory of where I was, what I was doing, who I was with, embedded itself deeply into my mind. And somehow, I knew I would not be the same. I would not look at the world through the same eyes. I am a believer in love overcoming differences so the shock of such hatred was heartbreaking to me. I am still a believer in love no matter what happened.

Years later, the twin towers rose out of the ashes united in one building instead of two. The skyline of New York has changed and so have our hearts. The only way that we can make sure this world is a better place is by filling our hearts with love and hope.

The vivid colors on this layout speak happiness to my soul, the imagery of a sunrise says that there are new beginnings with each new day. Here’s to my memories of the day the world stopped turning, and the ability to start it moving again, let’s move in a positive direction.

Colorful New York City building silhouette at sunrise and reflection | Bullet Journal Inspiration | Weekly Log


Not shown in the picture: in the bottom over the reflections in the water, I wrote the word “reflections” – a place to include a journal entry for the week.

Watch the video of how I created the skyline below, I tell you all about the struggles and the wins of creating this page – if you like it, subscribe. I’d love to make more videos!

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Have you used skylines in your planner or journal? What was your page about and which skyline did you include?


Want to know what supplies I used? I’ll tell you.


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