My Dream Car

drawing prompts: my dream car

I stared at this page that said “Dream Car” for a long time trying to decide which make or model I would deem ‘my dream car’.  This page attracted me, yet the reason why it was so alluring baffled me. I don’t have a dream car. Growing up, I had a picture of a purple Prowler on my wall. I liked the look of the open wheels (if you’ve seen Cars 1, you might giggle at that). My husband desires a Tesla. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind one of those. But it is not a deep desire of my heart.  I would not have been true to myself by just randomly picking a pretty sports car to sketch out and call ‘good’.

Searching aimlessly, I flipped randomly through other prompts looking for inspiration to strike. But I always returned to this page. No other ideas would come, it seemed, until I revealed my creativity for this prompt.  I’d tap my pencil searching for the answer, and yet my mind was as blank as the page. Then I realized that I had a dream “mode of transportation” and I knew what I had to do. I had to channel my inner Superman.

Call me crazy, but I have always longed to fly. Not in an “air taxi” – where someone else is in control – such as an airplane or a helicopter. Even if I were to pilot my own mechanical device it I wouldn’t fulfill the desire of just soaring as the birds in the sky or as Superman would do through space. I dream of flying. A lot.

Of course, the color of my dream mode of transportation is an intense red. If it were black, I suppose I would desire to only glide like Batman instead of fly like Superman.

If you’re a die hard fan of Batman, know this: I am only teasing!

handlettered: I don't have a dream car, but I wouldn't say no to a cape

Watch the sped up video of sketching and painting the cape. I am trying to create movement in the fabric with the shading, so it looks like it is fluttering in the air.

Dream Car Sketch

Dream Mode of Transportation

Do you have a dream car? Or would you rather fly like Superman?

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