Mixed Tape: an analogy for life

Cassette tape drawing prompt from 300 drawing prompts book. I loved practicing the ribbon lettering and figuring out how it would twist and turn in order to form text.

 Who remembers putting the label on the best mixed tape ever and the label keeps going on crooked no matter how many times you try to place it. You knew what songs were on it by heart 💓 and the crinkled label made it easy to pick out from the stacks of tapes laying around. 

Those songs were recorded off the radio and always had DJ jabber over the beginning of the song. You’d sit by your cassette recorder with the antenna angled in just the right way for the perfect reception. Waiting for that *one* song to come on the radio. Heart pounding, fingers poised, just waiting. Then you hear the intro music. You heart leaps, and you tense up, just waiting for the DJ to stop talking and still get some of that luscious intro music before the singer begins their serenade. It was never a perfect recording, but it made for the perfect mixed tape.

 Later when CDs were first new, you’d still make a mixed tape by recording the songs from the CD until CD burning became a thing.

Then the day the tape is eaten by your trusty cassette player is the day the clouds darkened and the rain fell. Pretty sure your life was over at that point.

2 thoughts on “Mixed Tape: an analogy for life”

  1. I think I had a mix tape exactly like yours. Great quotes, too! I’m adding them to my quote book with my new pens that you recommend. Thanks for the inspiration Chocolate Musings! Keep them coming!

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