Eliminate the Same To Do List – Create a Master Project Checklist

I love ‘to do’ lists. They help organize my brain.

Once I get it down on paper, I’m free to think of other things that could be put down on a different list.

But to do list-ing (is that a thing?) is tedious if you record the same ‘to dos’ for every project.


My Life To Do List

In an earlier post, I showed you how to set up a habit tracker in your bullet journal – tasks done every day to form habits. Read the post here. I thought about that layout and decided to transform the same format into a framework for accomplishing tasks that have the same group of “to dos”. But instead of tracking daily tasks, check off a to do list on projects. For instance, my blog posts have similar tasks before I can post each one. I found that I was writing the same tasks over and over. (And taking up a lot of room to do it!)

Here’s the first part of my to do list for a video + blog post:

  • Start with a topic
  • Brainstorm
  • Plan ideas
  • Layout
  • Create content
  • Video
  • Audio recording
  • Music
  • Edit video
  • Edit pictures
  • Write post
  • Edit post
  • Schedule Post
  • Etc.

That’s not even half the list! I was spending more time creating the list than I was doing the tasks on the list. The kicker was they were the same tasks over and over for every project!

So I set up a Master Project Checklist.


Master Project Checklist

Master Project Checklist More efficient to do list-ing

For more efficient project tasking sharing a common to do list, create a Master Project Checklist.

The size of your to do list vs. number of projects will help you decide on a vertical or horizontal layout. I opted for a horizontal checklist as I needed more room for the ‘to dos’ for each project. I counted down 4 dots from the top of my A5 Leuchtturm1917 and 8 dots over. After squaring all the boxes in the to do list, I added the task lines at an angle (which allows more room to write). I filled in my tasks grouped by the typical timeline. Since this is a ‘master page’ I knew I would return to it, so I added this fantastic feather and *To Do* washi tape to the edges of the page as a marker (I found it at Michaels at a steal), but if you want to know what the set looks like -here is a link.

This will do nicely. I can check that off the list!

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How to create a master project checklist

washi tape adds a great permanent bookmark to the edge of the page




2 thoughts on “Eliminate the Same To Do List – Create a Master Project Checklist”

  1. great blog post! Love the master project check list, I will be using the checklist when planning my blogs and videos, thanks for sharing.

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