Lord of the Donuts

It’s National Donut Day!

{First Friday of June}

The line wrapped around Krispy Kreme Doughnuts was quite insane. Cars coiling around the building, the line of people venturing into the building was out the door. But the smell. Oh the smell. It draws you in like siren calls for a sailor on the sea, succumbing to the sweet vice. You couldn’t leave, even if you wanted. The “hot and now sign” was lit up in the window, we could see the conveyor cooking system through the window double-timing doughnut production to keep up with the demand. It was all intoxicating. We got our free doughnuts (and had to buy a box as well – you know, because doughnuts). One of the computers at Krispy Kreme decided it had enough and posted a message that could have well just said “I just can’t”.

All the Donuts at Krispy Kreme

We sat down in the surprisingly empty eating area and happily munched on our sugary treats. In addition for not feeling guilty about eating a donut, I saw a post on Instagram (by the way, follow me on Instagram here) from TombowUSA to post the picture of a donut and lettering. Oh this got the creative muse juices flowing.

I thought of how Gollum from Lord of the Rings guarded his “Precious” and thought that would be perfect for a donut.

I found a picture of Gollum eating a fish and thought that would be just perfect for inspiration (see the picture here). I started sketching. Well, that one it didn’t turn out as I wanted when I colored it in. So I scrapped the first one and redrew it.  I started water painting it in around the edges and filling it in to the center, allowing the edges to stay darker. Gollum/Smeagle’s skin is gray/green/brown/peach I stayed away from the green and gray this go around because that is what threw me off the last time. I also drew his eyes extra-large to enhance the cartoon-y nature I wanted to portray. Pink frosting with sprinkles sounded rather appropriate for Gollum in this case. Then I used Tombow’s Dual Brush pens in bright pink to letter the text “My Precious”. I used Shellahera Script font as  inspiration but completely free-handed the text. (Notice I use the same font in the ‘chocolate musings’ watermark.) The “Happy National Donut Day” is in the Cavorting Font.

I have compiled a list of items I used in this post below.

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