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Did you know that 2017 is nearly over? I just got used to writing 2017 now I have to learn something new. Something else new: This spread! Both pages are completely new. I’ve never been big on writing down goals I think for two reasons. 1) I am afraid of them – what if I don’t succeed? 2) What if I succeed? A controversy – I know! I believe I am not the only one to fall into this ‘what if I do and what if I don’t’ trap.

Seasonal Bucket Lists are Tradition-Keepers and Memory Makers

This just might be my first bucket list. I didn’t like the idea of a bucket list – what do you do after they are all done? Then I shifted my view when I saw seasonal bucket lists and decided that they were just tradition-keepers and memory-makers. When I thought of them this way, I could get on board with these idea collections.

Holiday Bucket List and Great Planning Space for Next Month - Collections in my Bullet Journal

Bucket List Spread Layout:

I broke the list into two sections – things to do and movies to watch. Most of the movies we will watch with our kids. I don’t think they have seen a majority of these yet. I’m excited for them to grow up with these traditions. My hope is that they will remember the good when they watch these movies when they are older.

The bucket list are things we have done in the past and I would like to continue the tradition – except two things – Stone Mountain and Make Goals for next year. We bought a year pass for Stone Mountain this year (we live on the outskirts of Atlanta) and have enjoyed it so far. I also wanted to get my kids in the habit of setting goals for the next year (maybe we will do this monthly – not just on a yearly basis) because I don’t want them to be afraid of success or failure like I have been.

I lettered the words on the page using the same technique as I did on the “Beauty” page. Want to get started making the fancy letters with the thick and thin strokes? Here’s a good place to start. Watch the video below for the setup process. I used the bullet tip end instead of the brush tip end in this case.


How do you plan your next month’s goals (and in this case, next year’s!)?

Remember to plan your life so you live beautifully.


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2 thoughts on “Holiday Bucket List & Next Month’s Plans – Collections”

  1. How funny is it that we both posted our Winter bucket lists on the same day?! Great minds! I tried to watch your video, but it says it’s unavailable 🙁
    This is my first time using a bucket list and it’s already proving to be extremely helpful! We checked a few things off already, and my son kept expressing how he was having a great time! I want to create the traditions now that my kids will look back on and remember fondly. There are a bunch of things we didn’t do as kids, like make paper snowflakes, Christmas cookies, or letters to Santa. That’s not to say that we didn’t have some good traditions, but I want my kids to have more. I love your lettering on this spread!
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