Hello December! A Christmas Story Theme

December Plans Begin!

Hello December! It’s knocking on the door. Do you have your decorations up? We don’t put them up until after Thanksgiving – and take them down the 1st Saturday(ish) after – rarely, if ever, are they up after New Years. Some years my husband ventures to the roof to put up Christmas lights on our house. And other years, the feeling of dread for this task is too great. Last year we didn’t put up the lights on our house. It devastated my kids. They were certain that Santa would skip over our house. He kind of did since my husband was out of work for a good chunk of the year.

This year I had full intentions of having the decorations up the Saturday after Thanksgiving. My husband has the week from work, the kids have also had a week off. It would be a good activity. But then we decided to (finally) replace the floors in our living room. As of this moment, new boards litter our living room floor and my mind is scattered with ideas. Plus, we have a 10-month old who is trying to learn to walk. I think I’ll place high so he can’t reach them. Or maybe we will put the tree in a cage.

December’s Theme

For this month, I chose a theme (see the walkthrough video here). I’ve never done a themed approach for the month (November was technically a theme only because I created it all together and it used similar features for each week. (12×12 boxes). You can read the post here.
But December has a full-on theme with drawings from scenes from A Christmas Story throughout my bullet journal.

Welcome Page

For the welcome page, I wanted something simple – I decided to find the font similar to the type on the movie cover. A simple Google search revealed that Bookman Swash Bold Italic Bold was similar. I already have too many fonts installed on my computer – I didn’t want to download the font style – for one thing, I was on my phone. For another, I probably would never use it again.

How I Did It – Font Resources

I searched for a font site that I could type the text that I wanted to use “Hello December” so I could see how the letters would look together. Sometimes you have to modify swashes and flourishes to fit the letters next to them.

There are several sites that I found this font.
https://www.myfonts.com/– this one has a great resource called “what the font” if you need to know what type of font someone used, you can upload a graphic to their site and their handy-dandy computer will spit out some options that it deems close to your uploaded graphic.

But the place where I love to get my commercial fonts is Creative Market. (contains affiliate links). They have fun premium fonts and resources for free every week. Check back each week and sign up to get their free resources.

Powered by Creative Market

Side Note:

If you use a font in graphics, make sure you have the commercial license for that font.

Anyway, for the Welcome Page, I typed the phrase I wanted and then zoomed in on the text on my phone. I put the phone under the page and with a pencil I lightly traced the words. I show you how to do that in my create a map post (includes a video using the cell phone as a lightbox). Later, I added quotes from the movie on the opposite page of the spread.

Hello December Welcome Page, with movie quotes from A Christmas Story

If you’ve seen the O for the hello in Bookman Swash Bold Italic Bold, it had a swash that would have been really cute on this page. But that wreath! I just hope that it doesn’t look like “Hell December” because no one wants a December from Hell.

Watch the painting video below – I used watercolor paints and the white ourline is Dr. Ph. Martins Bleep Proof White.


If you want to use a font in your design or journal, what methods do you use? Leave me a comment or a link – I’d love to check it out!

As December progresses, I’ll upload process videos for each of the weekly spreads. Be sure to check back!

Hello December Welcome Page, with movie quotes from A Christmas Story, watercolor painted by hand, plus handwritten and hand lettered quotes

Remember to plan your life so you live beautifully.


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6 thoughts on “Hello December! A Christmas Story Theme”

  1. I always wondered how beautiful bullet journals always had perfect lettering and thought I’d never be able to achieve a similar look. This weekend, with some quick google searching I was able to find the designs I wanted and then I copied them into my book, seamlessly. I don’t know why I thought that everyone started from scratch! I love this theme, and I super love the ‘O’ wreath. It’s funny because I never would have thought of Hell December until I read it, and then I saw it. But no worries, it quickly changed back to Hello 🙂 I love fontgeek! I’ve never tried the site before, but now I’m thinking it’s going to be a total game changer for my lettering!

    1. Hi Ani! I’m so glad you found a resource. I love using this method for creating fonts that I can’t just do myself. I discovered that If I like doing it, I will keep doing it and actually learn how to do the font. There are tons of sites out there – and if you can’t get the font blown up enough, usually do a google image search and you can blow it up bigger.

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