Fortunate Business Interests

Got this fortune today in a cookie I gave my 3-year-old:

I told my 3-year old that it meant he had to go potty immediately and not wait until he was dancing around. It was the only business interests I figured he had. He took me seriously. When we got home he talked and talked about his fortune in the cookie and how he needed to make sure that he went potty better.

My husband is turning 40 on Monday. He said that his fortune cookie made a mockery of his age. I thought it was brilliant.

Mine was also very appropriate for my current state. Any and all things, big or small have been getting under my skin and warping my judgement. I snap at people, I roll my eyes, I want to punch something and I know it is me that needs to change, but it is oh so very difficult. I want to change, but when the heat of the moment strikes instead of reacting calmly and rationally, instead, I blow up and react horribly. What can I do? The only thing I know is take it one day at a time.


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