Font Styles Challenge to Spur Creativity – December 2017

Inspiration Has a Life of Its Own – Feed it Only the Good Stuff

You know those times when inspiration just flows like a river from the depths of your brain to your fingertips? Other times it feels like molasses trying to run while stuck in the freezer. Creativity is an interesting thing, it ebbs and flows as though it has a life of its own. I personally think it does have a life of its own. I think it feeds on our moods and grows based on what we feed it or suffers when we are suffering.

There was a good portion of my life that I forgot to be creative. I literally forgot that I loved the feel of a pencil in my hand. The swoosh of a paintbrush, the exhilaration I felt when extracting my thoughts through my fingertips on to paper.

But what do you do if you feel stuck?

I was talking to a friend on Instagram, she was trying out several different lettering styles for one letter. It started a discussion about getting stuck in a rut with the styles of fonts she used and was trying to break free. Just like that – inspiration struck us both and we started talking about a challenge that would join font styles and prompts to break the same-ole-same-ol.

Every creative person finds themselves stuck for creativity every once in a while. Often times it is changing up the routine, turning the page upside down, or trying something new that will spur the creativity muse into action.


Here is the post that inspired it all:

Brought to you by the letter A! TL:DR – before I focused on my script, brush and watercolor lettering, I was always fascinated by the letters and styles that weren’t what you would usually find. So when I started reintroducing myself to Hand Lettering, my goal was to really focus on a single letter at a time and really try different styles. I got to the letter ‘c’ and then stopped. Because why would I do that to myself?? 💁🏻 To be honest, it was a great exercise and one that I’ve thought about doing again. . . If you’ve read all of that rambling, thank you. This is mostly to say that this Skillshare class I’m taking is reminding me of all these amazing letterforms that I really tried keeping unique and one of a kind. It should be said that these aren’t originally mine. I took a lot of inspiration from fonts and styles that I’ve seen on signs, the internet, etc. There may be more coming our soon. . . . . #tldr #ramblings #aboutme #letter_a #handlettering #moderncalligraphy #brushlettering #calligraphyprint #handlettered #lettering #sketchingpractice #practicemakesprogress #dailylettering #purplescapedesign #handmade #customtype #type #typedaily #ink @sakuraofamerica #wichitaartist #wichitacalligraphy #artstagram #handdrawingtype #calligrafriends #fontingfriends

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So a couple of us decided to put together a ‘creative booster’ challenge to try out new fonts. Bouncy lettering and flourishes are great and gorgeous – but having a variety of styles when your hand just doesn’t want to flourish or your upstrokes are shaky or there is just no inspiration or you just need a change. Besides getting the creative juices flowing, we decided on a theme of sugary treats during the holidays. YUM!

Follow along on Instagram and contribute when you feel so inspired.

Find us on Instagram – we love interacting with the incredible creative community and adore sharing the inspiration.  Newbies and Pros alike are welcome. I plan on featuring accounts – it is SO much fun to see what other people come up with! – Amy – Patti – and me! Tricia

2017 12 December #sugaredletters Instagram Challenge -Sweet Font Creativity

Click here for the printable version – print and save it in your bullet journal or planner.

Look us up – we look forward to seeing your contributions!



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