December Weekly 1: It’s a Pink Nightmare

Fresh Start to the Month: Partial Week

If you watched the December set-up video, (click here if you’d like to see it), you would have noticed that I start each month fresh. Meaning I might have a couple of weekly spreads with partial weeks as I start on the first day of the month for a weekly spread. This provides a clean break between months, even if that means I have 2-3 days on a spread. That’s the case for the first week of December. Instead of starting on Sunday in my weekly plans, I  also keep my weekends together. You know, because it makes them feel bigger. I group my weekdays together, then group my weekends together.

Partial Week = Flexible Weekly Spread

These two methods combined, I have the additional flexibility of frivolously using half the spread for…whatever. It’s very exciting for me – a whole page just for fun. This is a big contributor to why set up my months the way I do. I went too long in my life without art, I will take advantage of it in my bullet journal. Especially since this little-dotted grid brought me out of the ‘dark ages’ and back into the creative light.

Weekly Bullet Journal Spread Sketch A Christmas Story Theme - December | Christmastime Traditions make the best memories

December’s Theme

This month, I pay homage to all the great one-liners packed in A Christmas Story. The pink bunny costume cracks me up every time. Before I was a mom, I thought it was horrible how the mother reacted to the pink bunny outfit. I was mortified just like Ralphie. Since I am a mom now, the mother’s giggles and commentary is hil-freaking-arious to me.

Here’s the video setting up this spread and I hope you enjoy super-speed version.

Christmas Memories

What crazy things do you remember about the holiday season from your youth? I remember waking my parents up at 4:30 am and finally getting them up around 5. I could never figure out why everyone went back to bed after we opened up presents. Christmastime is rich with traditions and I intend to enhance my children’s lives with the splendid memories of the Christmas Holidays. You can view my Christmastime Bucketlist post here.

Weekly Bullet Journal Spread A Christmas Story Theme & Movie Quotes - December | Christmastime Traditions make the best memories



Remember to plan your life so you live beautifully.


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