December Week 5: Week 5: It’s Christmas!

December Weekly Plans – Week 5 It’s Christmas!

Merry Christmas! This week is all about the big day. A little change-up for this week – I, of course, am continuing my theme from A Christmas Story featuring the Zeppelin and Fudge (wink) but I also added snowflakes for the days of the week. A Christmas Story takes place in Michigan – so there was always snow in every outdoor scene. I wanted a snow page and it just kind of morphed into snowflakes.

If you watched my monthly planner video – I made a correlation I’ve never realized before (read the post here & watch the video if you missed it). Snowflakes are mandalas! Repeated patterns around a circular shape. I’ve never created a maṇḍala before, I think they are beautiful but so intimidating! So many people use these gorgeous creations for their mood trackers, but I couldn’t bring myself to do that – I needed more than one mood for my day. (See how I track my moods in this blog post). I love the look of mandalas, however.

December Christmas Snowflake Mandalas weekly plans & planning video

I created not just 1 Snowflake Mandala – But 7!

When I started creating the snowflakes and realized that they were tiny, frozen snowflake mandalas, I was instantly proud of myself for creating not only my first maṇḍala but my first seven! Coming up with seven distinct ideas, one for each day was harder than I thought!

Here’s the video creating this week’s layout:

This week is always a little harder on the kids than other weeks. They tend to fight more – the excitement of Christmas has come and gone, they are off school and starting to get bored. I will have to work most of the week, but my husband is off with the kids. Maybe they can do some fun things without me and break up the monotony so we don’t have to threaten them with Santa giving them coal.

When Christmas is Over

I may be in the minority – but I like my Christmas decorations to come down before New Year’s Eve or on New Years. I like to start the new year fresh and clean. My house always looks so much bigger when those decorations come down. Having a 10-month old is always great motivation to get that extra stuff out-of-the-way. The less he can grab, the better I relax.

I’d love your feedback on what you do the week between Christmas and the new year in the comments below!

December Christmas Snowflake Mandalas weekly plans & planning video

Remember to plan your life so you live beautifully.


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2 thoughts on “December Week 5: Week 5: It’s Christmas!”

  1. I love these snowflakes and it was so much fun to watch you draw them! I’m intimidated by mandalas too. I was reading your mood tracker post again and figured when you make yours into a mandala I’ll start making mine, by copying yours!

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