December Week 2: Fragile

Fragile: It Must be Italian – Weekly Spread

Probably the most iconic scenes from the movie, A Christmas Story: The Leg Lamp “It’s a Major Award”. Of course, my monthly theme from this movie needed a spread dedicated to this fragile mistress. I love how the wife is completely embarrassed. And how the demise of the lamp would be a source of family controversy for years to come. This spread was probably the most fun to draw and yet, the hardest.

A Christmas Story: December Bullet Journal Theme, plan the planner - Fragile Leg Lamp Weekly Spread

This Spread was Fragile in so Many Ways!

I wanted a long, lean looking leg lamp but it got too long for a while, but I think I saved it. Then the shoe! It did not want to work with me. I think I finally settled on an acceptable representation of this scene, but it was not without a lot of different references (thank you Google Images).

Fragile: It's a major award | A Christmas Story Weekly Bullet Journal Spread

The Weekly Plans

The week’s plans are very simple – broken up into two pages intentionally. I wanted to try keeping blog plans on the left page and appointments and other personal meetings on the right page. If this works, I may do it more often. Using the page split as a natural divider looks appealing, cohesive and changes up the design. I was inspired by @bonjournal_ on Instagram. I love how she states who she was inspired by in her comments.

Fragile Puns

You could say this spread is ‘fragile’ in its setup infancy in my Bullet Journal. Oh dear. I went there – and apologize for the terrible, terrible puns. I do see that I would like to refine it, but I do enjoy finding something and then working with it like clay – molding and shaping it to be better than it was before.  Just like my monthly calendar log for this month – it may just take some tweaking. If I gave up on everything that didn’t work the first time, I would be left with a pile of regrets and nothing to show.


I hope you enjoy the process video! (By the way, if you haven’t seen the other videos for this month, watch the flip-through intro video, welcome page, monthly calendar log, and first week aka It’s a Pink Nightmare)

Your Favorites?

What are your favorite Christmas Movie and the best one-liner from that show? Let me know in the comments below!
Fragile: It's a major award | A Christmas Story Weekly Bullet Journal Spread

Lettered Days of the Week

Most weeks I handletter (or brush letter or do modern calligraphy or faux calligraphy – whatever you wish to call it) the days of the week. This is the only week for December that I handlettered the days. It just kind of fit the look for this page.

Here’s a little tutorial on how to make your letters thick and thin without any fancy tools.

Handlettering the days of the week for my weekly bullet journal spread

Remember to plan your life so you live beautifully.


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