December Planning: Monthly Log

Monthly Log: Why Repeat if it Didn’t Succeed the First Time?

I failed miserably with this layout in September. You’ve never seen it – I turned the page on that spread, used a box-grid calendar and glance at it only occasionally. And no, I didn’t give this spread a C+, that is simply a nod to A Christmas Story – which is my monthly theme for December. So why did I go back to this Monthly Log Spread if I didn’t succeed the first time?

December Monthly Log - Mind Map Horizontal Layout. The to do list looks like Santa's Naughty and Nice List!

Well, there are a couple of reasons:

First of all, I really want it to succeed! I love the look of other bullet journalists using the horizontal monthly log layout and I really want to know if I can make it a successful layout for me. Secondly, this is reminiscent of a mind-map. I want to use it because I believe mind maps are magical (yes I truly think that) and I really love mind maps. I love the way they look, I love how my mind works to connect ideas and thoughts and allows my brain to freely move throughout the spread.

How I Plan on Succeeding This Time Around

I will separate the ‘life’ appointments (doctor’s visits, appointments, you know, the things that have a defined spot in my calendar) from the blog or personal ‘need to dos’ (like getting all those stockings stuffed). The top section I’ll use for ‘life’ appointments. Hey! Did you know there is a ‘real life’ out there? I forget sometimes too. December is a good time to remember because #HolidayParties #UglySweaterParties #PartiesForSanta (I made that one up – but I guess #WhiteElephantParties are a thing right?). Every day could be something new. I don’t plan on having something new everyday, but it could happen.

I plan on being flexible and getting things done early. None of this waiting until the last-minute to seek for the perfect gifts. Nope. I fell into that trap last year. Well, not really. That trap ate me whole because of the job loss thing (my husband was out of work for 5 months last year, I worked two jobs, and was very pregnant with our third baby).

Horizontal Monthly Log - A Christmas Story theme and plenty of space for traditions

Focusing on Traditions

The biggest thing this December is continuing to plant those seeds of tradition in my kid’s mind. I want them to look back and remember the things we did as a family. The whole aim of an open calendar like this is to have the freedom to make plans and not feel boxed in. I added the Santa’s To Do List for fun, I also decided that a ‘to do list’ is kind of like Santa’s naughty and nice list. There are just some tasks that are nice, and some that deserve a peice of coal.

Click to watch the December Set Up Video (if you haven’t already). Then watch the sped-up process video below for completing the art and layout of this monthly calendar spread – I forgot to hit record in one part! I’m sorry. I’ll link the products used below.

Here’s the Question for You:

Do you use a traditional calendar view in your bullet journal or planner? Have you ever tried a new layout and stuck with it? What did you do? I’d love to know – leave me a comment below!

Remember to plan your life so you live beautifully.


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