December Week 3: I Double Dog Dare You -To Get Stuff Done

It’s the Middle of the Month! The To Do List Gets Real!

A Busy Week! There’s no time for sticking my tongue to a flagpole, even if I were triple-dog dared. The hubby’s birthday is the end of the week and that means just over a week until Christmas! It’s always about this time of the month that I realize that half the month is gone and if I want to knock out that to do list, I had better get into high gear. It is also about this time the month where I assess my habits and see how I am doing. It’s time for my mid-month check.

I Triple Dog Dare You to Get your 'To Do List' done | A Christmas Story Theme - Week 3 Bullet Journal Weekly Layout

Page Design – Mid-Month Check

This week’s page is the most simple of all of my pages this month. It is a catch-up, catch-all week. It’s not the week before Christmas, but if there are still pending items on the to-do list, it is a good time to reassess and see if you were too ambitious when planning for this month. Do you need to remove some items removed? Can some items wait until after Christmas? If not, well do them! If they can, then move them and clear out the clutter.

When I was laying out this design, I felt like I should keep this one really minimal. The flagpole is generic and adds some fun to the spread. A quote from A Christmas Story is written up the pole. The colored dots were not planned initially – but I really like them. I drew the circles with a template (see the link below)  and then used watercolor to fill in and shade the circles. Enjoy the hyper-lapse video below!

Bucket List – Do or Die

I have a good bucket list to check off this season. The middle of the month is a perfect time to check that bucket list too. If I am not well on my way through the list by the end of this week, they might not get done at all. I thought my bucket list spread was so much fun. A bunch of movie tickets for the holiday shows I wanted to watch as a family and Christmas lights strung across the page with the family activities. Read the post here.


What are your favorite traditions or your bucket list items for the season? Leave me a comment below!

Remember to plan your life so you live beautifully.


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