Daily Word Musings Challenge – November 2017

2017 November Simplicity & Gratitude #DailyWordMusings @ChocMusings


Daily Word Musings Challenge – November 2017 – Simplicity & Gratitude

AAAK! I am so excited. I am hosting a Daily Word Musings Challenge on Instagram @ChocMusings– I will also be posting to Twitter with the same handle @ChocMusings so you can join me over there as well. Use the hashtag #DailyWordMusings so others can find your work and share the love! I’d love to build a community of kind, creative people who appreciate each other for what they have to offer as individuals.

My focus lately has been on simplifying (as I said in my post for November’s Welcome Page in my Bullet Journal – find it here). I find that my creativity soars when there are fewer distractions and we all know how distractions like to take over during the holidays. So many shiny things!  I have also focused on showing more gratitude. I say a lot of things in my head, but not enough on paper or directly to someone. So there are reasons for the theme for this set of prompts. We are all here to grow, so let’s grow together!

I’d love for anyone to take part. It’s a creative challenge – so you interpret as you wish. It could be a photo, it could be a drawing or doodle. You could letter the word or write a 6-word story. You could use the word for a journal entry or for handwriting practice.

I love descriptive words because interpretations are so diverse. I can’t wait to see the creativity. Join in when you can – don’t forget to tag me @ChocMusings I plan on featuring some entries because I am so excited to see the creativity that others show.

Let me know what you think in the comments below or find me on Twitter and Instagram @ChocMusings.

Can’t wait to see what you do!

2017 November Simplicity & Gratitude #DailyWordMusings @ChocMusings | Daily Word Musings | ChocolateMusings.com



Here is one you can print so you don’t use up all your black ink! Right-click on the image and download it or choose print.

2017 November Simplicity & Gratitude #DailyWordMusings @ChocMusings for printing



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