December Week 4: Official Red Ryder Air Rifle – You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out

The Theme of the Theme! But Don’t Shoot Your Eye Out!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah the reason behind A Christmas Story movie – the Official Red Ryder carbon action two-hundred shot range model air rifle. How could I have A Christmas Story movie theme without paying homage to “you’ll shoot your eye out”?! I had a lot more included in the sketch – I had a quote from the original Red Ryder, but the drawing didn’t come out right, so I didn’t include it. Have you seen those gorgeous hand-lettered pieces of art where the text makes the shape of something (in this case, it would have been the brim of his hat) – I am working on learning how to do that. This was my first attempt. Not what I wanted, but not bad nonetheless.

Perfection is Overrated – Accepting Flaws

I like things too perfect – all the lines straight, the letters the same size. Quirks like that. Since I started bullet journaling – I have been able to let some of that go and accept more imperfections and move on. I read in Facebook groups all the time ‘I messed up on a page, and I tore it out’. That flabbergasted me more than just accepting and moving on. When I started bullet journaling, I didn’t use a bound notebook. I used a disc-bound book. I would never write on the opposite page if I messed up. So all I ever ended up with were half-page spreads and a lot of blank pages. It was a huge leap to start using a bound notebook where I couldn’t just remove a page if I messed up because I knew it would affect the binding and other pages might fall out. Starting my planner a bound book was the start of me accepting my flaws. It’s been a wonderful journey.

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out themed week in my Bullet Journal - Planning for the week before Christmas, handlettered & watercolor painted

The Weekly Layout

This week again has a very simple layout for the days of the week – it is more focused on the theme than last week – openly designed for the ebb and flow of activities and plans but a little heavier on the design this week. We are in the home stretch to the end of the month and the big day itself. Normally I have everything done, all shopping done, all presents wrapped and under the tree. This year is no different.

The kids start their winter break at school the end of this week, my husband starts his week and a half off of work (what?!?) and there is magic in the air. The week leading up to Christmas always seems to have magic in the air – at least to me. Last year, Santa sent a letter to my kids telling them that they needed to focus on the real reason for the season and not so much the gifts they would get.

Here’s the video painting the week – you can see how much I didn’t include in the sketches. Thank goodness for good erasers right? Watch the month’s ‘plan the planner’ video here.

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out themed week in my Bullet Journal - Planning for the week before Christmas, handlettered & watercolor painted

Santa Sent a Letter to Us

Since Santa and I are on a friendly email basis, I emailed him and asked him to send a letter to my kids telling them to focus on enjoying each other and trying to serve others instead of amassing gifts for themselves. This was partially because we were so tight on money, and partly because I wanted them to not be so selfish. Surprisingly, my kiddos were amazingly understanding. I told them this year we’d like to continue that same thought as we did last year and only ask Santa for one thing. They aren’t thrilled with it, but it makes them think a lot harder about what they want and don’t ask for everything which is really refreshing.


I’d love to know what you do with your kids and handling the overwhelm of Christmas wants. Have you put limits on them of what they can ask for?


Remember to plan your life so you live beautifully.


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