Fortunate Business Interests

Got this fortune today in a cookie I gave my 3-year-old: I told my 3-year old that it meant he had to go potty immediately and not wait until he was dancing around. It was the only business interests I figured he had. He took me seriously. When we got home he talked and talked about his fortune in the cookie and how he needed to make sure that he went potty better. My husband is turning 40 on Monday. He said that his fortune cookie made a mockery of his age. I thought it was brilliant. Mine was also […]

Big rewards

“I ate my Cheerios, now I can eat the gingerbread house.” – Captain Obvious 12/8/12 Apparently, this is the philosophy of my three-year-old who has been begging to eat up the gingerbread house ever since he laid eyes on it. We struggle with him eating in general, he just has no desire to do so since he is too busy. But trying new foods is an even bigger struggle. So the fact that he ate his Cheerios without having any problems evidently deserves a big reward.

Finding Joy After a Tantrum

After the most horrible day yesterday with my three-year-old (whom I call Captain Obvious), I called my sister in tears. I just couldn’t see any good in anything. It was all too hard. How in the world was I going to survive a lifetime of dealing with this child? Contrary to popular belief…Its not all sloppy kisses and storybooks. There are days, even as adults, that we just can’t deal. As a child, they do not have the experience nor maturity to even know how to handle all the things in life. It is the days where a tantrum is […]