2018 February Challenge - "Conversational Food Puns"

February 2018 Challenge – “Conversational Bad Food Puns”

February 2018 Challenge – “Conversational Bad Food Puns” If anyone has talked to me at length, I am a huge fan of puns. I think I am very punny, in fact. My husband usually rolls his eyes. I think he’s just jealous that he doesn’t come up with these golden nuggets of hilarity on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong, he has his moments. But overall, I believe I have a much higher quantity and quality puns. If I have never shared my pun jokes with you, perhaps we are not as good of friends as you think we […]

2017 12 December #sugaredletters Instagram Challenge

Font Styles Challenge to Spur Creativity – December 2017

Inspiration Has a Life of Its Own – Feed it Only the Good Stuff You know those times when inspiration just flows like a river from the depths of your brain to your fingertips? Other times it feels like molasses trying to run while stuck in the freezer. Creativity is an interesting thing, it ebbs and flows as though it has a life of its own. I personally think it does have a life of its own. I think it feeds on our moods and grows based on what we feed it or suffers when we are suffering. There was […]

2017 November Simplicity & Gratitude #DailyWordMusings @ChocMusings

Daily Word Musings Challenge – November 2017

  Daily Word Musings Challenge – November 2017 – Simplicity & Gratitude AAAK! I am so excited. I am hosting a Daily Word Musings Challenge on Instagram @ChocMusings– I will also be posting to Twitter with the same handle @ChocMusings so you can join me over there as well. Use the hashtag #DailyWordMusings so others can find your work and share the love! I’d love to build a community of kind, creative people who appreciate each other for what they have to offer as individuals. My focus lately has been on simplifying (as I said in my post for November’s Welcome […]

Power Word Art

Power Word Art

If you don’t know by now, I am a font nut. I love finding new fonts of all shapes & sizes. So participating in a lettering challenge affords me the opportunity to use a variety of fonts.  The @happyletteringchallenge #happyletteringchallenge for July has one word to letter everyday. Today was “Power”. I found a new font called Savaro Typeface on Creative Market that really fit the word ‘power’ in my opinion. Power to me means strength, authority, and confidence. I am not referring to power-hungry people, or those who use power for ill-will. But the power I think of is […]

June Creativity Challenges 2017

June 2017 Creativity Challenges

I think of a challenge as something that stretches your limits, makes you better, identifies points of weakness to enhance and perfect. June 2017 was my first month of participating in any sort of challenge on Instagram. I found several that I really enjoyed. Follow me on Instagram to see them as they happen! I participated in several challenges. I came in late to the game for a couple of them and I didn’t participate all days for all events so here are all my ‘entries’ if you may. I really look forward to future challenges and may eventually create […]

Bullet Journal Challenge Tracking Calendar

Creativity Challenges – Favorite Fiction Character, Planning Signifier & Hobbies

June 2017 # 4 #BohoBerryChallenge #PlanWithMeChallenge #RockYourHandwriting My challenge responses for June 4, 2017. I don’t know that I can handle more than 3 at a time – the problem is – I do them and forget to post them! So I made a calendar in my Bullet Journal to track where I’ve posted my challenges. Making it pretty was just a bonus. I practiced some blending on the letters with my Tombow Dual Brush Pens. I think it looks like a sunset – and makes me think of summer. The plan with me challenge was to show “My Signifiers” – I […]