Arrow Doodle Vertical Weekly Layout

Vertical Weekly Planner Header

Arrows in my weekly layout remind me to keep my focus and aim true to my goals

In addition to the reminder the arrows served, I loved doodling the arrows. I never realized the sheer variety of arrow types! There are so many things around us to distract our attention from what we really want to do with our lives. I think arrows may become this needs to become a ‘thing’ in my life as a daily reminder to aim true and fly straight towards my goals.

Believe it or not, the quote “The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe”  by Gustav Flaubert actually pertains to keeping my focus true. Lately, it seems, I have received criticism for the fact that I like to write and practice my handwriting. “A lost art” or “a waste of time”. “Why wouldn’t people just choose a font and print it out?” was a posed question to me this week. Slightly shaken in my passion, I couldn’t explain it until I found a TEDx video. Don’t worry, I plan on sharing it and will update with a link here when I put the post together.

For now – I created this layout thinking of the small to-do tasks needed daily. The kids start school this week, and I am sure I will have lots of reminders and various to-dos to check off. Vertical layouts are a ‘getting things done layout’ for me and it gives me room for those to-do items added at the last-minute. As an experiment for the month of August, I grouped the weekend days together and starting my week on Monday.

I included a small habit tracker for each week to get me back in the habit of tracking my habits. Summer seems to wreak havoc on my habits and schedules. To break up the repeated lines on the boxes, I like the way the arrow doodles break it up. Any number of doodles could change this layout and give it a different feel. The boxes can have a thick outline, a shadow, or a thinner outline for variety. I consistently come back to this layout – If it’s merely pretty I won’t use it. I need both form and function.

Weekly vertical set up 8 x 22

Want to recreate this layout? Here are the templates & guides.

I  also created an alternate that starts the week on Sunday instead of Monday. Save it to your Pinterest to try later – add your own doodles as you wish! Leave me a comment if you like it. FYI: I used a Leuchtturm 1917 A5 Dot-Grid. It has 26 dots in each row per page.  Leaving a 1 dots space between the boxes, 8 dots wide per box makes each box the same width. (Yes Please!) On my layout, I liked to shorten Saturday and Sunday to break up the lines on the page. I created a second layout idea (below) with Sunday starting the week and the boxes lined up all the way across for some variety.

If you want a template to download – let me know in the comments I could certainly create one to print if there is a demand for it. Enjoy! In the meantime, save to your Pinterest boards to save these weekly layout ideas.

Weekly Vertical Bullet Journal Layout - Monday week start

Weekly Vertical Bullet Journal Layout - Sunday week start

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