Wooden Directional Sign & Apple Orchard Weekly Layout

Wooden signs, apple collecting basket, give me a Pumpkin Spiced flavored drink because IT’s FALL and I can’t get enough of it.

Feeling inspired by my apples and apple pie on my October monthly welcome page in my bullet journal, I decided to continue the theme on my weekly log with an apple orchard feel.  Directional signs point you towards each day of the week. A tasty apple is a good place to record your meal plans. This apple orchard weekly layout is sure to provide plenty of space for accomplishing your fall bucket list.

The apple basket acts as a mini-tracker for laundry or workouts (or insert your own goals – I struggle with completing those two tasks — so everybody else does too right?). The cut apple focuses your to-do’s right to the ‘core’ of your weekly tasks. Another directional sign points you in the way of next week. Only good things can come when exiting the apple orchard.

The apple orchard weekly log layout is perfect for celebrating fall’s cool, crisp nights, and dreaming of delicious, hot, steamy apple strudel with vanilla ice cream.

Weekly bullet journal layout with Wooden signs, apple collecting basket, give me a Pumpkin Spiced flavored drink because IT's FALL

Secret’s out!

Can I tell you a secret? I’ve never been to an apple orchard. But this is what I think it would be like. Slightly magical, the apple scent forever lingering in the air. Juicy, ripe fruit hanging so low on the bowed branches begging to be plucked from the green canopy of leaves. Can’t you just hear the sound of the first bite of a crunchy apple and taste the sweet juice as it coats all of your taste buds? Yep. I’m salivating. I think they have wooden signs (with pretty handwriting on them…because that’s a thing…right?), wooden apple buckets, and apple creations everywhere the eye can see.

I had so much fun creating this log and I think It will be one I recreate in the future – but change it up for a different theme.

The directional signs can definitely be used for weeks at the beach or camping. Modify the colors and shape a little and you have a directional sign pointing to the North Pole!

The basket could be for hanging laundry on a sunny day, or gathering leaves. Or it could be the gathering spot for a collection of toys on a toy-themed page! It would be absolutely perfect for a bucket list collection. I love a versatile page. Modify a few things and voilà a theme that looks completely new!

What other ways could you see adapting this theme throughout the year?

Detail Close-Ups and What I Would Do Different

Details of the weekly log layout: wooden signs, wooden buckets, apple outlines make a fall week fun to track!

Here are some detail close-ups of the elements on this log. The only thing I would really change about this log is the brown used was on the reddish side and when I blended the colors with water pens, it brought those reds out. Something to keep in mind for the next time.

Apple Orchard/Wooden Directional Sign Weekly Spread

Apple Orchard Weekly Layout Sketches

Here are the sketches for this week – sometimes when you want to recreate it’s easier to see how it all started. Choose the elements you want to include – any or all. I don’t mind. I would love to see it if you post it on Instagram! Tag me @chocmusings. I’d love to start a #featurefriday filled with inspiration.

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Fall weekly log/layout sketches with wooden signs, apple collection bucket and ripe apples for the picking!

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