I am not normally one to express anything about Hollywood or the like, but I am so sad today to learn of the death of Alan Rickman. I was reading some tweets about Alan and wanted to share some of them.

He encapsulated the role of Severus Snape so extremely well. But, Alan was more than just an actor cast in a key role for Harry Potter. Other roles, perhaps not as well known, but no less well played by this tremendous actor.

From everything that I have seen about him, he was an advocate for reading and an inspiration to young people (of all ages!).

  I am not sure the source, so I cannot be sure if this is internet born (i.e. false) or if he really said it, but one of my favorite Alan Rickman accreditations is this statement in regards to his love for the Harry Potter series:

When I’m 80 years old and sitting in my rocking chair, I’ll be reading Harry Potter. And my family will say to me ‘After all this time?’ And I will say, ‘Always.'”


  I am also sad that he could not live up to this.

In an interview with Charlie Rose – Alan discusses the mentality of some actors.

“The thing is to take the work seriously, but to take yourself seriously not at all.” He so easily quoted someone else, showing he was well read.


Alan’s advice to young actors:

‘What advice do you have for me?’ “I say forget about acting, and I really mean it at that point in time. Because, whatever you do as an actor is cumulative. So I say, go to art galleries, listen to music, know what is happening on the news in the world, form opinions, develop your taste in judgement, so when a quality piece of writing is put in front of you, your imagination has something to bounce off of…and then you have to start learning of courage…Because you have to be courageous with yourself on stage…emotionally.”‘


“One thing that actors, dancers, singers and musicians do, is they have to use both sides of their brain at the same time. Because you have to hand yourself over completely to whatever the emotional demands of the part.”


What do you have a sense of: “Trying to meet the challenge of it, and look into the eyes of your fellow actors, and know that something rare is happening”

You can certainly tell that he loved what he did. Loved to take on a role and embody it to the fullest. Emotionally & physically. It is hard to separate now Snape from Alan. I will always think of you, Alan. Every time I re-read Harry Potter or watch the other films that you portrayed timeless skill in bringing those characters to life.







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