300 Prompts for Writing & Drawing Plus a Sketchbook

We were out on a family adventure one Saturday. As we stepped into the sweltering heat of the near noon-day sun, I realized that we needed to get some sunscreen. {I have three very fair children and a husband who is fair as well – I can’t believe we forgot the sunscreen!} I had some at home, but we were too far away to turn back. I saw a Target on the way and we stopped in. After finding the necessary sunscreen, I wandered over to the notebook section – a place I often find myself in any retail store. There I saw them. A pair – 300 Writing Prompts and 300 Drawing Prompts. Inspired creativity? I have never thought about that before. I also spied a sketchbook. It has been years since I drew anything in a sketchbook. I can’t remember the last time I bought a sketchbook. Suddenly, my fingers started itching and my heart yearning. I needed art back in my life. I needed to write. I needed creativity. This was not just a want. At this moment, I realized I needed these things in my life.


300 Writing Prompts & 300 Drawing Prompts
sketch book

I've never looked back, not once

I flipped through the drawing prompts book and it fell open near the middle to “field of sunflowers”. Immediately, I envisioned what I should do on that page. Watercolors! But I have never watercolored before. I have never been interested in the pastels that always seem to dominate the watercolor world. I liked vibrant colors. But the imagery persisted. I relented and I bought the drawing prompts book that day.

The next day I went back for the writing prompts. Within a week, I went back for the sketch book. It has been a month. I’ve never looked back.  Since reintroducing creativity back into my life. Not once. I can’t believe I went this long without it. Never again. Creativity, drawing, painting and art are needs for my heart, my mind, and my soul.  I can honestly say I have never been happier. I have had more insights into dealing with problems or struggles in my life. I have been more patient with my children (at least I hope).  After rediscovering the beauty of creativity in my life, I felt reawakened inside. I hope you are able to find their inner muse, whatever that muse is. When you find it, you will know, and it will be beautiful.

Find Your Inner Muse

I later found 500 Writing Prompts & 500 Drawing Prompts. I asked Piccadilly Inc if there were different prompts in each book. They said there were! Guess what I am buying when I fill up the lovely pages in the 300 prompts book?

Wouldn’t you think this post was sponsored? It’s not. Not that I would say no to it being sponsored. I just really like these products.


The font I used on my graphics was “Selima”. The same artist created many several beautiful fonts on Creative Market. Take a look!





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