2018 in a word: Grow

2018 in a word: Grow

In November I started thinking about where I wanted to go in 2018. I’ve never had a theme for a year let alone a ‘word’ for the year. 2017 has been so momentous for me. It’s a wonderful feeling to rediscover yourself and finally feel like you are on the path of goodness in your life. That’s where 2017 led me. I found it by bullet journaling and once I started that, the creativity bubbled out once again. So why is my word for 2018 Grow?

2018 Theme: Let's Grow - Welcome January, Hello 2018 Spread

Why ‘Grow’?

I tucked my creativity away years ago – I just let life take over and honestly, those were a few miserable years. I call those the dark ages of my life. Once I found creativity, doodling, lettering, journaling, all enabled through Bullet Journaling, it was like a light opened and shined down like rays of sunshine on my soul.

Once this miraculous thing happened to me, I felt the need to spread this joy to others. Astounding changes started happening in my life. I truly felt the need to spread this experience to others who are stumbling through the dark ages of their own lives and I wanted to help them rediscover the creativity that was once lost.

What’s Next?

I would like to grow further. There are so many ways I want to grow. Grow a business, grow in my talents, grow spiritually, Essentially as a person, I want to enhance myself and become a better person. That is what “Grow” means to me.

I am not saying my journey is complete, but I would like to gather others along the way, grow with them and inspire them to grow on their own. I’m excited to start a year of growth and see where I end up at the end of 2018.

Read the pre-planning post for 2018 & watch the video to get a sneak peek of my weekly & monthly set up for January 2018.


Do you have a word or a phrase for the coming year? What’s your take on a ‘word’ for the year?

Watch the Video below to see my Hello 2018, Hello January Spread in my Bullet Journal.


Remember to plan your life so you live beautifully.


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